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Construction of exhibition stands and aircraft models created for the Paris Air Show

Material: Carbon fiber and glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP, CFRP)
Branche: Trade fair construction/aerospace

The renowned aircraft manufacturer presented new and innovative transportation concepts at four central stands. Within seven weeks, we produced more than 200 square meters of GRP and CFRP.

Services and delivery: Data validation and expansion, CNC mold construction, production of GRP and CFRP components, component assembly, etc.

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Entire GRP car body for a newly developed electric vehicle

Industry: Vehicle construction/automotive

This new electric vehicle is characterized by innovative detailed features, with all four wheels being able to turn individually by up to 90° to increase agility and enable sideways driving.

Services and delivery: Scope of services and delivery: detailed chassis design, CNC mold construction, GRP production in a vacuum infusion process, automotive coating for the assembled chassis

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CNC machining for foundry models in wind power and boat building

Material: Wood, EPS, modeling paste
Industry: Foundry

For various applications, we have already produced a variety of foundry models, including large-scale models.

Services and delivery: Data validation, design of sprue systems, scaling, machine programming, CNC modelling, coating of surfaces with suitable coatings for the respective casting method

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Masts and equipment carriers for various luxury yachts

Material: CFRP/GFRP composite
Industry: Shipbuilding

For various yachts, we have produced equipment carriers and masts that have impressed with their high dimensional accuracy, low filler application, high surface quality and low weight. Assembly took place in only 3-4 days, almost immediately.

Services and delivery: Detail engineering, design, dimensioning and layout, conceptual production design, CNC molding, GRP/CFRP production using a vacuum infusion process, component assembly, final painting in yacht quality, assembly on board, etc.

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GRP parts for various special vehicles

Material: GRP (epoxy)
Industry: Special vehicle construction

Among others, we have realized special vehicle constructions for the Warsteiner brewery or Sparkasse bank. These include frame profiles and vehicle fronts etc. with different material requirements.

Services and delivery: Design, CNC molding, production of GRP components including CNC-milled sandwich cores, pre-finishing of surfaces

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Star Trek spaceship for a Netflix stand at Ifa

Material: Composite/GFK/steel
Industry: Advertising/trade fair construction

For the launch of the new Star Trek series on Netflix, we designed and realized a Star Trek-style spaceship model for Ifa in just seven weeks.

Services and delivery: Design, technical conception, construction, development and implementation including painting, transportation and assembly on the exhibition grounds

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Interior design parts with a special look for an IAA show car

Material: GRP
Industry: Automotive

For an impressive show car at the IAA, we developed and manufactured tailor-made interior design parts with a unique look that emphasizes the futuristic and innovative design of the vehicle.

Services and delivery: Design consulting, prototype construction, production, surface finish

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Fully automated water wall for the interior of a luxury yacht

Material: Stainless steel, PVC-C
Industry: Shipbuilding/yacht building

We developed and installed a fully automatic water wall for the luxurious interior of a luxury yacht. This water wall not only serves as an impressive design element, but also as a room divider and offers guests a unique multi-sensory experience on board.

Services and delivery: Conception and design, technical planning, construction, production, commissioning incl. test runs and simulation, on-board assembly, documentation

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Stage design for the David Bowie musical "Lazarus"

Material: Steel/aluminum
Industry: Stage/Musical

The playhouse in Düsseldorf presented the David Bowie musical Lazarus as a German-language premiere. We realized large parts of the impressive and complex stage design for this musical.

Services and delivery: Technical conception, design, dimensioning, production

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Stage design for the opera "Cosi fan tutte"

Material: High-gloss lacquered and polished wood
Industry: Stage/musical

We developed central stage design elements for the Mozart production of "Cosi fan tutte" at the Hamburg State Opera. Our painting quality set a new standard for other opera houses.

Services and delivery: Advice and conception of the construction of the stage set elements, painting work

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Multimedia travel stand for Lufthansa

Material: Steel
Industry: Aviation/Advertising

A digital travel kiosk that reaches everyone in the world. The travel vending kiosk enables multimedia interaction with passers-by and even serves snacks and gimmicks.

Services and delivery: Technical conception, design, production, painting, commissioning

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Creation of two art sculptures for the Danish museum

Industry: Fine Arts

Based on a 3D file from a renowned Danish artist, we produced two sculptures for the Aahus Museum. The sculptures were designed by us to be FE-calculated and vandal-proof.

Services and delivery: Construction, design and dimensioning incl. proof of stability, mold construction, production, final painting, final assembly, transport, assembly in Aahus

See reference

Presentation desks for five German regional Sat.1 TV stations

Material: Coated hard foam and acrylic glass
Industry: Television/Media

For five of the regional studios of the private TV station Sat.1, we manufactured the presentation tables from acrylic glass panels, design stands and pedestals.

Services and delivery: Design (CAD), CNC model making, surface finishing, component assembly, packaging and transportation

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